Drains & Sewage

  • ALL DRAIN BLOCKAGES: No matter the blockage, Kawalewski Plumbing has the solution.
    LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Benefit from the latest drain and sewer technology, including fibre optical diagnostic equipment that lets you see inside your own drains and sewers, and allows us to pinpoint the problem. 
    LEAKS AND SMELLS: If you have a sewer or drain leak, or need to locate the source of a bad sewer smell, then Kawalewski Plumbing has the latest equipment to locate the problem.
    DRAIN AND SEWER PROS: With over 20 years experience there are few problems that Kawalewski Plumbing has not encountered on the tree rich Southern Highlands!
    TREE ROOT REMOVAL: Tree roots are a common problem with sewer lines. Kawalewski Plumbing can help diagnose and remove the intrusion into the line.
    NO-DIG SEWER RELINES: With the latest technology, Kawalewski Plumbing can repair sewer and drain lines underground without digging a trench.  It saves your garden, patios and driveway first and foremost plus it can save you the cost of having to repair and replace your landscaping and driveway too.

Specialised drain equipment includes:

  • High Pressure Water Jetting Machines: Jetters handle the toughest of blockages with ease.
  • CCTV Drain Cameras: Drain Cameras can find the causes of your blocked drain quickly and with no fuss
  • Electric eel r: Effective removal of foreign objects from drainage systems
  • Trenchless Repair Technology: Repair your drains, without excavating your drains! You do not have to dig your drains up to fix them!


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