Gas Fitting & Repair

Gas Ovens, Cooktops & Barbecue Installation
Gas Hot Water -Installation of continuous flow gas hot water heaters.
Gas Fitting & Installation 
New Bayonet Points
Gas Leaks & Pipe Repair 
Install LPG and natural gas 


Don’t risk a dangerous installation and ensure you comply with all regulations. A licensed plumber and gasfitter with the necessary training and experience should be used for all gasfitting.

Gas flow meter installation or relocation involves work that must be done in compliance with all regulations. Gasfitting installation of extra gas bayonet points requires that supply pipes are extended to the proposed location and again should only be done by a professional gasfitter.

A gas leak can be dangerous and even if small can cost a lot of money over time. Where a leak is suspected, a gasfitter will test the system to detect any leaks, expertly locate the leak and safely repair the line.

Signs that may indicate you have a leak include a faint smell of gas, or an abnormally high gas bill. A DIY test that you can carry out to check this is to turn off all the appliances in your house or apartment that use gas. Take a meter reading before you go to bed and then again in the morning when you wake up. If the reading has changed you may have a leak and should call a gasfitter to further look into this.

Gas fitting includes installation of new gas pipes, extensions to existing gas supply pipes, installation of extra gas bayonets for gas heaters, detection of gas leaks & complete installation services for gas appliances including gas hot water heaters & gas ovens. Andrew and his team can even connect & install that new gas BBQ for you!

By law, gas appliances & related piping, meters and equipment must be installed by a licensed gas fitter. Incorrect installation of gas appliances can have serious consequences, don’t risk it.


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