Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining, What is it?

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There are numerous causes which can damage your drains, for example:

  • Ground Movement
  • Tree Roots
  • Chemicals
  • Construction work, etc.

For many years the only way to fix drains was to dig them up and replace the affected sections. This method is still widely used. Its major disadvantage is that it creates huge disruption to the area where the drain is located, especially when the drain is under driveways, landscaping, bathrooms and retaining walls.

There is now a much faster, less disruptive and stronger option to fix your drains: Pipe Relining – Pipe Relining is fast becoming the preferred way to rehabilitate broken drains and for good reason.

How it works: – Using the existing drain or pipe, a new reinforced epoxy resin pipe is placed inside the existing drain. the epoxy pipe conforms to the existing drain size and path. The epoxy pipe is allowed to set (cure). The result is a new, strong and seamless pipe inside of the old one!

Kawalewski Plumbing Uses Nuflow Technology

  • Reline your drains from normal access points in the drainage system which means hardly any distruption to your property.
  • Multiple bends can be relined
  • Can reline pipe from 50mm diameter to 1500mm!


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